About Larry

Larry Letofsky has emerged as one of the most talented and celebrated potters in the Bay Area. Describing his work as “pottery you can use,” the artist produces mostly bowls, mugs, plates and vases in a natural gas kiln and develops 20 or thirty glazes a year.

Letofsky was born in Fargo, North Dakota in 1940 and graduated from San Francisco State University in English literature and writing. He did his post-graduate work in Special Education and began his teaching career working with developmentally handicapped students. After a six-year stint (1962-1968) in the armed forces he returned to education, switching back to teaching English many years later and then retiring in 2001.

In 1970, Letofsky started his study of pottery and developed skills until 1990 at which time he began to work more intensely. His work in the field complements his deep interest in music – Larry is a devoted collector of jazz and classical recordings and memorabilia - and his rich background in literature.

The major influences in the Letofsky approach are the Japanese ceramicist Hamada (1894-1978) and the Nova Scotian born Brother Thomas (1929-2007). Larry Letofsky continues to create his fine, beautifully utilitarian pottery out of his studio in San Francisco.